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Heardle – New Wordle-inspired Game for Music Lovers

Heardle – New Wordle-inspired Game for Music Lovers


Heardle – New Wordle-inspired Game for Music Lovers

Enter the world of Heardle, the brand new Wordle-inspired game for music lovers that’s just been released! The Heardle game is reminiscent of “Name that Tune”, which until this very moment I believed to be a thing of the past. Apparently there was a Name That Tune revival in 2021. Heardle uses an audio clue, players have six tries to guess the answer, with the snippet becoming progressively longer with each unsuccessful attempt to guess the artist and name of the song. As you may know, Wordle is one of the most popular games out there, its following is almost cult-like. Heardle is just the latest in a string of Wordle-inspired online games to have popped up recently.

What is Heardle?

Heardle is a brand new game, built around a similar premise to popular online word game Wordle. Heardle players have six tries to correctly guess a song of the day using audio snippets as clues. It’s fun, addicting and completely free. It might also just be your new favorite iPhone app. The best part about Heardle is that it’s completely FREE!

How to play Heardle

The instructions say to listen to the intro, then find the correct artist & title in the list.
Skipped or incorrect attempts unlock more of the intro.
Answer in as few tries as possible and share your score!
If you’re not familiar with it, Wordle is a word game where you have 6 chances to guess the 5 letter word of the day. Sounds simple, but if you want to push your brain to its limits, give it a try! If you enjoy Wordle, and are a music fan, you’ll love Heardle! It is definitely harder than you would think. Wordle plays short audio snippets from songs, and you are given up to 6 chances to correctly answer the name of the Artist and song. Each time you fail to answer correctly, the song snippet gets a little bit longer.

First impressions of Heardle

Heardle is a fun and very challenging new music game. It was definitely fun to try to guess the song, but I lost my first round! You only get one game per day, so you better be on you game! According to the game’s website, the songs are “plucked from a list of the most streamed songs in the past decade”, so music lovers have a decent chance of guessing them.

Give Heardle a Try!

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