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Rockin’ Rocklin Get ready for a season of fun concerts!

Rockin’ Rocklin Get ready for a season of fun concerts!

Republished From THE UNION Foothill Weekly

By Kathryn Holt, Special to The Foothill Weekly


In less than four months, at least two and more venues are going to have bigger, better, even more incredible events than were brought to the community last year by ST productions. This past year, Placer County saw something extraordinary happen; Breaking the mold, changing the status quo, and creating new synergy by building momentum through versatility in the production of inaugural live events with incredible entertainers. Successful communication in presenting a comprehensive model, building on enthusiasm, and creating solid long-term mutually beneficial relationships at existing venues, ST Productions created a formula designed to provide exceptional family fun events. Having taking immense pride in the cooperative approach, the City of Rocklin has insured that the expectations on there and we’re upheld to support the delivery of everything at the production company had detailed making everything run smoothly.

ST Productions has given the motivation for the other venues to jump back into the live concert arena by highlighting the fact that, even in questionable times, events can be classy and successful,“ said several internal marketing, promotions, and management staff of the other venues in what would easily be highly competitive concert series events season. Thunder Valley Casino, Hard Rock Hotel, and the Toyota Amphitheater have confirmed through recent announcements that they are committing to bringing back live productions based on their past successes.

“Prior to the pandemic, the audience just had their cell phones out and filmed everything we did precariously living through their videos to be posted online,“ said lead singer, Robert Mason of Warrant at one of the 2021 sold out concerts held in Quarry Park. “What I see from here is incredible! You are living in the moment. I don’t see one single cell phone or iPad out there being used to record us. You are singing along, dancing, you were engaged, and it is so unbelievably cool. You are participating, like it used to be 20–30 years ago. This is a show, and you are an audience, an interactive audience, wow! I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this moment and, at the same time I am almost speechless to be on the stage, here with you. This is the best Of life and music right here, right now in Rocklin, California. And quotation the exuberant vocalist had finished a power ballad and just stopped. He stopped everything on stage and stood actively watching to simply scan the crowd. After two or three minutes of silence, where everyone present had no clue what was happening, he shared his observation.

“All attendees were polite, manners and a sense of pride or camaraderie was something that hasn’t been seen in recent years prior to the pandemic, and “said stand Overton, longtime placer County business person and Rocklin resident. “It was as if everyone had a piece of the action in the success of the event. The audiences were invested, had a sense of pride in attending. The feeling of “family“ happened. As the foundation has been firmly set in place with proof the framework can obtain new heights, goals and expansion and diversifying in the intensity of the actual performance is to have something for everyone. Restaurants, hotels, and other businesses have experienced a surge of business on the days of the events. Other than venues are closely watching and have committed to follow suit this year. That’s enormously powerful. Sold out shows, great audiences, and incredible production has put us on the map for an exciting future.“


Folsom VYBE Music festival is set and ready to flow on Saturday, May 21, 2022 with the show beginning at 12 PM at the field at Lakeside, located at the corner of Oak and Bidwell in fulsome. The Folsom DYDE music festival will feature bands Switchfoot, Colony House, Red Voodoo, Beach Chapel, ZWB with more to be announced, benefiting Folsom Twin Lake Food Bank. Parking for up to 3000 vehicles will be available at Folsom lake college. More than 6000 concert attendees are expected, with hopes to reach 8500.

Three years ago “VYBE” was the branch child of Josh Bolin, director of pastor arts at Lakeside Church in Folsom. Members of the church, along with Todd Spielman, who had experience in event production, created the original VYPE at the Harris Center to reach beyond their church into the community they served while creating a partnership with Folsom‘s twin Lakes food bank. The branding and presentations were so solid that one organizers let the city of Folsom know that this year VYBE was going to be huge, the city opted to back and support the Folsom VEYBE music festival. Lakeside church has donated all the land which will be transformed from a blank slate, with the Help of 50 to 60 volunteers, into a massive concert venue. Proceeds will go to the food bank. The food bank will also be running the bars for all the VYBE concert goers.

Get ready for fun

“The overall experience was enlightening and really linked to the idea of hope or life afterwards, that can only be described as something unthinkable like what happened or likened to the great depression or World War II people read about in history books or hear elders share accounts at the experience. The information we all were getting seemed so bleak with no true end in sight,” said said Yinan on the city of Rocklin‘s partnership. “ST Productions worked beyond any expectations the city could’ve had to achieve greatness that we anticipate will only be built upon going forward. More importantly, we are hearing feedback that larger venues are going to step up and follow suit this year because of the success scene and Rocklin.“

“When we initially spoke with the city of Rocklin about doing events at Quarry Park, there was a level of unknown,” said Todd Spielman, the “T” in ST productions. “Skip Maggoria, owner of Skip Music and sound system genius and myself have years of production experience, not to mention solid relationships with music talents across the nation, even the world. We knew we could produce quality shows. The unknown came in with all the things appearing to be in a state of flux, having come out of quarantine from the pandemic. There was no real gauge as to the success of what we envisioned. Through arduous work, exceptional celebrations, and community ready to gather in a casual outdoor setting, our shows were sold out! Our goal this year is to add to the already unbelievable lineup experience we have confirmed at the quarry and now in Folsom too, but we aren’t going to stop there, we have so many more things in the works with major announcements coming soon and the idea of expanding even more on what we’ve started.“

To follow the exciting events coming in 2022 and new locations to be added, visit ST productions. Events. All ticket sales are final, no refunds through the site in conjunction with event Brite. You can upgrade to VIP seating, meet and greet opportunities, and purchase advanced parking passes to make your night out complete with ease and enjoyment. Tickets are not available on the day of the event, so get them now because each will sell out! Vendor, sponsorship and partner opportunities have a few limited openings. If you and/or your business would like to be a part of the anticipation and excitement building, now is the time to inquire and commit.

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